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The Commuting Calculator provides employers information about the carbon emissions and current modal split of the employees’ commutes by office as well as about the potential for change.

For employees, the calculator offers a channel for feedback about commuting. It also shows the employees their commuting travel profiles and provides tips for smart travel.

The survey results are processed so that it is not possible to identify individual people. Order the survey results to your email if you want to view them later. HSL will send customer letters to the email address you provide, with your permission.

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The Commuting Calculator provides you with concrete information about your employees’ commuting patterns and needs as well as about the means for making their travel more sustainable. Sustainable mobility saves costs, improves the employees' well-being and work fitness, reduces the company's carbon footprint and supports environmental and social responsibility.

In the calculator demo you can see what kind of questions the calculator contains. Questions 1-7 are always included. Questions following them are optional and you can choose the ones you want. The last page of the survey always contains background questions.

You can register and login to the service below. If you have any questions about the Commuting Calculator, please contact us: